About Us

Diana Adams

Diana is a tech journalist, an avid technology blogger (5,000+ publications), the co-founder of Adams Consulting Group, Inc. and a social media influencer for Ericsson Digital and Ericsson Networks.

Her passion is digital transformation with a focus on IoT, AI, mobile technologies, big data, cloud computing and machine learning.

In her spare time, she enjoys studying quantum theory and physics.

John Adams

John began his journey with computers and technology when he opened his Atlanta business in the Summer of 1994.

Since then he has worked to bring digital harmony to hundreds of clients with high-tech challenges. He does not back down from even the most complex technical issues.

John brings his unique skill set to bear on the toughest cross-platform issues faced by many of today’s modern IT departments.

Whenever possible, he enjoys amateur radio and fly-fishing in the North Georgia mountains.


Apple Consultants Network Solutions





Apple Certified Associate – Mac Integration Basics 10.13

Apple Certified Technical Coordinator 10.7

Apple Certified Support Professional 10.13

Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin

iOS Deployment Workshop for iOS 9

Apple Certified Support Professional 10.5

iOS Deployment Essentials for iOS 11

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